Wanderlust: Featuring Fariba Hachtroudi

The French-Iranian author presents her novel The Man Who Snapped His Fingers

Monday 9 May, 6.45pm

She was known as “Bait 455,” the most famous prisoner in a ruthless theological republic. He was one of the colonels closest to the Supreme Commander. When they meet, years later, far from their country of birth, a strange, equivocal relationship develops between them.

Translated by Alison Anderson,The Man Who Snapped His Fingers explores the crushing effects of totalitarianism and the infinite power of love.

Join Fariba Hachtroudi and Alex Preston for a discussion on power, memory, and the way books can help us build bridges across cultures.

“A profound, exquisitely crafted novella about life under a merciless regime, about torture and resilience, truth and culpability and the triumph of love over fear.”  – Lucy Popescu in The Independent

Free Word Centre
Address: 60 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3GA
Admission: £5
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